FPC Ministry Principles

1 Jesus is the head & administrator of the church.

2 The supernatural power of God can accomplish more than all of our combined efforts.

3 The New Testament Apostolic experiences and teachings are essential and we must teach, live and expect them in all that we do.

4 Relationships are our key business: God to people & people to people.  Strong relationship with God, strong relationships within family, and strong relationships with others are the true measure of how well we are doing.

5 Every believer has a ministry and we must all be in our place and be engaged.

6 We must pursue excellence.  Still, there must be room for failure. Where there is no pursuit of excellence and where there is no place for failure, there is no growth. There needs to be an attitude of risk taking.

7 We will engage the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We are to be people who send are sent into all the world to preach the gospel of the kingdom.

8 Individual experience with God is essential.  That experience needs to be grounded in both the Word and by the Spirit.