I’m New

What can I expect?

First of all, always expect to be welcome! We can’t wait to meet you. We want to make your first visit as exciting and beneficial as possible.

Our Sunday worship service begins right at 11 AM. You may want to arrive a few minutes early.

We have free available parking in our lot or on-street.

Our Service begins with modern worship songs that last about 20 minutes. People will be singing together, and many will lift their hands in worship.

Next, we take some time to pray for the needs in the church, and transition into a time of preaching for about 35 minutes. The preaching will be dynamic, practical and filled with moments that make you laugh as well as solemn moments that will draw you close to God. The service will conclude with a time of prayer and response to the message which has been preached.

Our goal is to bring every person to experience the New Birth of Jesus Christ and live daily as a true Christian believer.